Reason for Math, Volume 1: The Language of Math premiers at CHN Expo
posted August,

CHNZipheron's new series Reason for Math made its public debut at the California Homeschooling Network's Family Expo 2010. In addition to having a table in the vendor hall, Beau Janzen presented two sessions: Why do we need Math? and Math and Visual Effects.

"After so much work", relates Janzen, "it was so rewarding to having this video so well recieved. It was a great experience."


Janzen speaks at "Pi Mal Deutschland", Cologne
posted December, 2008

pi mal deutchland 01Beau Janzen recently spoke at the closing gala of  Germany's National Year of Mathematics. "Pi Mal Deutschland" held in Cologne's EXPO XXI,  December 11, 2008.  Janzen spoke with Mesh co-creator Dr. Konrad Polthier on the topic of "Math and Film".


Beau Janzen, Konrad Polthier, and Barbara Eligmann

pi mal deutchland 02


Redaktionsbüro Jahr der Mathematik


Two short films to be featured in Deutsches Technikmuseum
posted November, 2008
The short films Fibonacci and the Golden Mean and The Shadows of Alexandria will be features in the exhibit "mathema", apecial exhibition in Berlin's Deutsches Technikmuseum.  The exhibit will run November 2008 through August 2009.


Quantus wins "Best Educational Piece" at MathFilm 2008, Berlin
posted May, 2008

Quantus was awarded the audience prize "Best Educational Piece" at the MathFilm Festival 2008 premiere in Berlin. A compilation DVDof the festival shorts is now available from Springer.

While in Berlin, Janzen had the opportunity to speak at several schools. A pdf of an article on one of these presentaions from Der Tagesspiegel is availble (sorry, German langauge only)

Quantus screens at MathFilm 2008, Berlin
posted March, 2008

quantusQuantuswill make its screen premiere as part of the MathFilm Festival 2008 in Berlin.  Quantus will screen at the Urania Theater's Humbolt-Saal on .

In addition to Quantus, the bubble excerpt from Mesh will be included in the compilation of shorts.  The full version of Mesh will be screened on May 7th.

MathFilm Festival 2008, Berlin
posted February, 2008

mathFilmBeau Janzen has been asked to create the opening animation for the MathFilm 2008 Festival. The Festival will open in Berlin in May 2008 and will tour 70 cities throughout Germany as part of  Germany's National Year of Mathematics.

AnimationMag_apr2007Mesh in Animation Magazine
posted April, 2007

Mesh is featured in an article in the May 2007 issue of Animation Magazine.  The article, "Playing the Numbers Game", was written by Ellen Wolff.



German language version of Mesh screens at MathFilm Festival 2007, Berlin
posted March, 2007

mathFilmFest 2007Mesh will make its German screen premiere as part of the MathFilm Festival 2007 in Berlin.  Mesh will screen at the Urania Theater's Humbolt-Saal on March 30 at 7:00 pm.  This screening is also the world premiere of the German langauge version of Mesh.

Mesh available for purchase through Springer
posted August 25, 2006

springerThe film Mesh is available for purchase through Springer in both NTSC and  PAL formats.

Mesh wins "Best Experimental Film" at Scinema 2006
posted August 21, 2006

scinema Mesh was chosen to participate in Scinema 2006 the 6th International Festival of Science Film.

45 films from around the world screened in 89 venues around Australia to an audience of over 10,000 during National Science Week, August 12-20.  Mesh was announced “Best Experimental Film” at the concluding ceremonies at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney.

Mesh wins "Best Scientific Visualization" at the Red Stick International Animation Festival
posted April, 2006

red stick Mesh was selected to be part of the Red Stick International Animation Festival held April 20 - 23, 2006 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. 

Mesh had the honor of being awarded "Best Scientific Visualization" of the festival.

Mesh wins "Best Animation" at the New York International Independent Film and Video Festival
posted October, 2005

nyiifvf Mesh was selected to be part of the New York International Independent Film and Video Festival screenings held September 22 - 29, 2005 in Los Angeles.  The Saturday, September 24 screening at the Laemmle Fairfax Theatre in Hollywood marked Mesh's North American debut.

Afterwards, Mesh had the honor of being awarded "Best Animation" of the festival.

Mesh was the only educational piece screened at the festival.  “I am excited that this 40-minute math video has received accolades not only for its instructional merit, but also for its pure entertainment value” says Janzen.

Mesh wins at Eurographics 2005
posted Sept, 2005

eurographics   Three excerpts of Mesh were selected to appear in the Eurographics Animation Theater at the Eurographics 2005 conference held Aug 22 to Sept 2, 2005 in Dublin, Ireland.  Mesh: Bubble Excerpt was chosen for the Best Scientific Video award.In addition, the Mesh: Bubble Excerpt had the honor being nominated for the Pixar Award.

Mesh Wins at Digital Media Festival
June, 2005

dmf An excerpt of Mesh was awarded best in the category of Corporte/Government/Training at the Digital Video Awards at the  Digital Media Festival held June 1-2, 2005 in Melbourne, Australia.  The Digital Media Festival is Australia's premier event for digital artists and content creators.  Not only did Mesh: Bubble Excerpt have the honor of winning the training category, but three Mesh excerpts received finalist nominations. This made Mesh the only project to be nominated multiple times (four overall) and was the only work to be nominated in multiple categories (short film as well as training).

Screenings of Mesh

Mesh will make its first public showing in July 2003 at a symposium at ICIAM 2003, the 5th International Conference on Industrial and Applied mathematics to be held in Sydney Australia.

The video Mesh is to be screened at a seminar on May 21, 2004 at the University of Oslo's Centre of Mathematics for Applications.

In November 2004, Dr. Konrad Polthier will be making presentations of Mesh at the University of Tokyo, Kobe University, and Kyushu University

Mesh at Technische Universitaet, Berlin
July, 2002

tu_logo Beau Janzen has been invited by Dr. Konrad Polthier of the Technische Universitaet, Berlin to collaborate with him on a video project, tenitively titled Mesh.  Janzen will be working with Polthier at TU's DFG Sonderforschungsbereich 288 "Differential Geometry and Quantum Physics".

Inverse Square Law Completed
April, 2002

Inverse Square Law In April 2002, production has been completed on the 10-minute short video The Inverse Square Law.  

The video will be premiered in Berlin at the International Workshop on Visualization  and  Mathematics 2002 (see feature below)




VisMath 2002

Zipheron founder Beau Janzen has been invited to speak at the International Workshop on Visualization and Mathematics 2002 to be held in Berlin this May. Janzen's lecture, "The potentials of instructional math visualization and their impact on the curriculum" will premiere  The Inverse Square Law animation as well as clips from Foucault's Pendulum: A Turning Point.

CGW 25 Year Retrospective
Jan, 2002

lilly The January 2002 Issue of Computer Graphics World Magazine featured the cover story "25 Year Retrospective: From humble beginnings, computer art trancends traditional media".  The article featured a timeline of significant works which served as benchmark achievements in digital art.  Representing the year 1996, CGW chose a still image from Fibonacci and the Golden Mean created by Zipheron founder Beau Janzen.




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